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Solar Protection Film 75% (1.52m wide)

Solar Protection Film 75% (1.52m wide)

This sunscreen film is designed to be applied to glazing to reduce heat and glare from the sun.

The heat resistant films are the perfect alternative to air conditioning. Fixed on the window, they help to maintain the coolness in your home, even at higher temperatures.

Solar control
To avoid overheating, you can ensure air circulation. You can include a limited energy transmission that keeps the place bright while avoiding overheating. Energy saving from Air Conditioner gain up to 10°C temperature, improve comfort, reduce glare.

Solar factor
The solar factor (G) of the glazing is the ratio between the total energy is the sum of the incoming solar energy by direct transmission, and energy released by the glass in the indoor environment, as a result of being heated by energy absorption.

Available by the metre in 1.52m width.

Range (m)Price (£/m)
1 - 10 m£10.65 / m
11 - 20 m£10.03 / m
21 - 30 m£9.40 / m
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