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Anti-Intrusion External Film (1.52m wide)

Anti-Intrusion External Film (1.52m wide)

Thanks to an upmost technology, our new high security film is impact and tear resistant. This film is superior to any other conventional polyester security film. This film is transparent, it forms a membrane that holds the glass still, avoiding the glass to shatter in case of forced entry or vandalism.

High performance security film

This high security film is particularly recommended to secure exposed glass surfaces such as shops, financial institutions, public buildings, offices, places of worship, museums, embassies, banks.. Security film represents a sustainable alternative to replace your conventional glazing.

Range (m)Price (£/m)
1 - 10 m£33.83 / m
11 - 20 m£31.84 / m
21 - 30 m£29.85 / m
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